Hall of Fame

The Armchair Firebrand Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring those individuals who demonstrate a commitment to promoting moral and spiritual values in politics or popular culture. This page is a work in progress, which accounts for the relatively low number of inductees.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet (1935 – ): Few in our time have proved themselves more committed to alleviating human suffering than Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. During his long and prosperous life, the Dalai Lama has been a tireless advocate for truth, peace, and justice in his native Tibet and around the globe.

Senator Bernard Sanders (1941 – ): Bernie Sanders has been one of the most successful advocates for democratic socialism in American history. The movement he ignited caused progressives across the nation to stand up and take notice of our numbers.  Sen. Sanders’ campaign demonstrated the tremendous demand for progressive social policies across our nation.

Dr. Cornel West (1953 – ): A Harvard and Princeton graduate, Dr. West has spent his career advocating strongly for truth and justice. Over the years, Dr. West has become one of our most engaging and insightful public intellectuals, actively addressing the moral and spiritual crisis our society faces.

Kshama Sawant (1972 – ): One of the leaders of the emerging democratic socialist movement, Ms. Sawant has won two terms as a Seattle City Councilwoman despite being massively outspent by her opponents. Shocked by the poverty she saw in Seattle, Ms. Sawant left a career in computer engineering to study economics, and fight income inequality.

David Lynch (1946 – ): A talented and controversial artist and filmmaker, Mr. Lynch has often explored spiritual ideas in his work. Lately, Mr. Lynch has devoted much of his time and energy into the David Lynch Foundation, which seeks to “bring healing and empowerment to people who suffer the nightmare of trauma and toxic stress” through transcendental meditation.

Pope Francis (1936 – ): While Armchair Firebrand generally opposes organized religion, the reigning Pope’s commitment to economic and social justice is beyond reproach. Pope Francis has proved himself to be a positive force within a Church often characterized by corruption, repression, and cruelty.


4 thoughts on “Hall of Fame

  1. I’d nominate Liu Xiaobo, for penning Charter 08 and stomaching the current 11 year prison sentence in China.

  2. I hereby nominate Nelson Mandela and Ronald Reagan for your consideration.

    I am surprised neither is already included, but I will look forward to your verdict.

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